Fall Lineup



Washington Wine

Seattle Met’s annual celebration of the riches that hail from our local vineyards. We offer wine country road trips, plus our favorite bottles of the year.


Fall Fashion

A lush photographic fashion spread of clothing and accessories culled from our favorite retailers, big and small, in the Seattle area.


Top Doctors

The best general practitioners and specialists to keep you and your family healthy and looking your best.
Medical Profile Special Section

School News Feature

A look at the latest developments and education trends in the region’s school districts.


Close: 7/30/21   |   Materials: 8/6/21    |    On Sale: 9/14/21

In every issue:

  • Habitat: The region’s most beautiful homes, best spaces, and resources to help you
  • Currents: Our award-winning front-of-book section examines the city’s news and vital
    issues through a singular lens.
  • Culture: Tracking Seattle’s arts scene as it navigates turbulent times and finds new forms
    of expression.
  • Nosh Pit: Where to eat and what to drink in Seattle’s ever-changing dining scene.
  • Life/Style: Celebrating the great locals (and local shops) that keep us looking our best. 

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